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    Quinceañera Centerpieces and Party favors

    Like flowers, as beautiful as flowers, but better...

  • Hot Pink Quinceañera Centerpieces

    A Unique and Beautiful Centerpiece Solution

    Weddings, Birthdays, Sweet 16's, Mitzvahs, Showers, Corporate events and more!

  • Design Tool to Customize your Centerpiece

    You Choose ALL the colors!

    We can go from formal to festive, elegant to vibrant, classic to colorful!

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    Wanderfuls will make your event unforgettable and affordable.

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Quinceanera Centerpieces

Quineañera Centerpieces

Are you planning a Quinceañera? Wanderfuls has created beautiful and Unique Quinceañera Centerpieces and Favors for you! Call now for more Quinceañera Centerpiece Ideas!

Wanderfuls are available in hundreds of color combinations to make your party something spectacular and uniquely different. Each favor in the centerpiece contains a gourmet candy filling of your choice. You can even inscribe your name and the date of your Quinceañera Party Celebration on your individual favors so the memory will last forever!

You and your Personal Wanderfuls Designer will...

  1. Choose your Colors
  2. Choose your Candy
  3. Choose your Style
  4. Place your order
Hot Pink Quinceanera Bouquet

Customizable Centerpieces!!

"Just wanted to say Thank You. It was a magnificent sight walking into the ballroom. We received numerous compliments."
-Randy Goldstein, New York

Quinceanera Party

Fiesta de Quinceañera

Estas planiando una Fiesta de Quinceañera. Wanderfuls a creado unos centro de mesas exclusive y presioso especial para tu fiesta!

Sweet Sixteen Party View

Add Your Own Personal Touch

Some guests Add Balloons or Theme Elements to their Wanderfuls Centerpieces for a festive flair.
Call Today and we will teach you how!

Centerpiece Color Variety

YOU CHOOSE - Our customized centerpieces are made to fit your event.

  • Pink Centerpiece
  • Teal Centerpiece
  • Green Centerpiece
  • Red Centerpiece
  • Brown Centerpiece
  • Navy Centerpiece

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Quinceañera Centerpiece Gallery

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Centerpieces in Any Color for Any Event

Centerpieces and Favors for All Occasions. Look what many of our clients have done to make their Wanderfuls unique for their special event.

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Build your own Bouquet

Ready to customize your own bouquet?
Visit our Designing Your Bouquet page, try our design tool and create your own unique centerpiece.