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Wanderfuls Room View

Let your favor double
as your centerpiece!
And Save money

We are blooming with more choices!!






Select a filling to create a background color against which your stronger accent colors can stand out. Or, choose to make your filling a central element in your color theme. Either way, our staff designers will be glad to assist you in creating an event everyone will remember fondly.



Sugar coated almonds available in different colors

Chocolate sports balls 

Multicolored bubblegum balls

Multicolored bubblegum chicklets

Lemon and orange wrapped citrus candy

Decorative feathers available in different colors

Fish shaped chocolate in colorful foil wrappers

Fruit runts

"GoLightly" gourmet candy

Hard candy wrapped in metallic foil

Pastel colored sweet hearts

Miniature multicolored jawbreakers

Gourmet jellybeans

Combination of red hots and kisses

Multicolored jellybeans

Hershey kisses, available in gold and silver foil

Pastel colored blocks

Mint chocolate lentils

Multicolored chocolate M-and-Ms

Mint Crunch

Mylor shred available in gold, silver, blue and red

Casino themed playing cards candy

Seashell shaped hard candy

Silver and gold foiled hard candy

Stone shaped and colored chocolate candy

Tangy Bytes

Miniature toys

Tropical fruit shaped candy


 To speak with a Wanderfuls designer call   

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