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    Banquet Centerpieces that Deliver the Magic

    Excitingly different, unique and memorable. Like flowers, but better!

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    The Bouquets

    Just place them on your table and watch the Magic begin!

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    Delectable Flavors

    Gourmet Filling options make each memento a mouth watering gift.

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    Endless Color Options

    Order them in theme colors, company colors, or whatever colors fit the mood of your event.

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    Keep your Guests and/or Clients Happy!

    Wanderfuls Banquet Centerpieces last forever. Treat each guest to a take-home momento.

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Keep your clients happy

Our banquet centerpieces can fit tables of 8, 9, 10 and 12 guests. Call us now with your specifics
so we can make your
event easy and fun.

"The room looked phenomenal!
The guests loved the look and were so excited that they could take them home."
-Donna L. Bruce,
Events Coordinator

Banquet Centerpieces

Your bouquets are made up of candy-filled wands that each guest at your table can take home. You can personalize them, choose different sizes, and of course change the colors!

Great for:

*Award Recognitions
*Corporate Parties
*Sales Meetings
*Alumni Events
*Themed Parties
*Banquests & Galas
*Product Launches


You and your personal Wanderfuls Designer will:

1. Choose your Colors
2. Choose your Candy
3. Choose your Styles
4. Place your order

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Corporate Savings

Ask about our Discount savings; the larger your event the more you save!

Wanderfuls Client List

* Ford Motor
* General Electric
* Citicorp
* Home Depot
* Verizon
* Kroger
* Boeing
* Costco
* Pfizer
* AT&T
* Meryl Lynch
* Coca-Cola

1 out of 4 Fortune 100 companies have used us!

room of cranberry centerpieces
Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm came to Wanderfuls to help design their Centerpieces for their 70th Anniversary bash! Choosing an elegant combination of Burgundy and Ivory, they filled the Favors with ther own Pepperidge Farms goldfish crackers for a dash of fun! Yum!


Delectable Flavors

Delectable gourmet fillings such as sugar coated almonds or
after dinner mints make each memento a mouth
watering gift for every guest to take home
at the end of the event.


Centerpiece Color Variety

YOU CHOOSE - Our customized centerpieces are made to fit your event.

  • Black and Gold Centerpiece
  • Yellow Centerpiece
  • Ivory and Gold Centerpiece
  • Red Centerpiece
  • Navy Centerpiece
  • Lavender Centerpiece
  • Ivory and Forest Centerpiece
  • Black and Purple Centerpiece

For price estimate call

Centerpieces in Any Color for Any Event

Centerpieces and Favors for All Occasions. Look what many of our clients have done to make their Wanderfuls unique for their special event.

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Build your own Bouquet

Ready to customize your own bouquet?
Visit our Designing Your Bouquet page, try our design tool and create your own unique centerpiece.